2014 Forensic Investigation of a Murder Scene

Forensic investigation simulation for students at UWE. The simulation allows students to explore a detail rich environment collecting a variety of information from each object using an interactive tool. They can place rulers to take screen shots simulating the use of photographs to document a scene, collect finger mark information and test their methodology for approaching a crime scene investigation. The crime scene is set in a bedsit environment and is based on actual events allowing the students to relate what they see in the simulation to other learning materials used on the course.


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2012 Dragons Den

Environment for use in gamefication of presentations given on distance learning courses using the BBC show Dragon’s Den as an inspiration. Students present their ideas and tutors give feedback by bidding a score. These scores are displayed above the tutor’s avatars as they bid giving real time feedback to the students as they present.

2012 Noise Pollution Investigation

Simulation for role-playing the investigation of noise pollution from a small supermarket affecting nearby residents. This simulation has been regularly adjusted and new variations created to allow variety for each new intake of students.

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2011 Sociology Environment

Environment for students to take on the role of historically important thinkers from different eras and to debate with each other using avatars as a means of exploring key ideas and testing student knowledge. The design was developed with input from UWE sociology students.

2011 Business Ethics

Timed discussion exercise environment and system to facilitate real time role play for Business Ethics at the University of the West of England, Bristol.

2008 Union Island

Social environment to allow low cost international co-operation and promotion of trade union activities for the Trades Union Congress (UK).