Citrus Virtual limited provides a full content design and creation service for your virtual educational project. Services include the design and construction of whole environments including custom buildings, scripts, objects and landscape. We will also provide custom content for your virtual environments with unique items and textures to enhance your virtual identity. Key to the use of virtual spaces as a means of delivering education are support systems. From media management to discussion management, Citrus Virtual is able to provide a wide range of customisable systems that help maximise the learning potential of the virtual classroom.

Support Services

Once your project in Second Life is up and running, Citrus Virtual can offer maintainance services. With tailored contracts and customer support tickets, Citrus Virtual can help your site and project running smoothly.


Providing training and education in virtual world related subjects, including design, utilisation, community and avatar expression. An important aspect of activity in a virtual world is that of how you use an avatar to represent yourself and your project. Virtual worlds have unique cultures of appearance and etiquette that you need to be aware of for your project to achieve all it can. From advising on how to give your staff virtual presence to training in dealing with virtual world cultures, Citrus Virtual is able to offer a tailored package to suit your project.

Community Building

Peopling and promoting your project through community building is extremely important for its success in the virtual world. Citrus Virtual can advise on how to achieve this through the creation of events, locations and interactivity. Consultancy on ensuring you and your representatives have presence and appear engaged with the virtual world is available if needed and is an important part of interacting with virtual world residents.

Professional Service

Our work is carried out under a contract that ensures you as client will have the appropriate level of image and rights and ownership of the delivered virtual product that you need to maximise the usability and marketing value of your virtual world project. Our business is to ensure that your project achieves the maximum effect in the real world as well as the virtual.